Healthcare = Self Care: 3 Life-Changing Tips for hitting 50.

The moment you open your eyes in the morning, take a deep breath and repeat… “Right here, right now in this moment I am safe, content & healthy”

It’s amazing how the mind can be transformed.

(2) Use the Breath as a Healing Tool:

Find a quiet space where you can sit un-disturbed for 10 mins. Focus only on the breath as it enters and leaves the nostrils. The temperature & pace as it enters and leaves. If the mind wanders, just gently bring it back to the breath. This might sound crazy now, but watch the transformation after a few days of doing it.

(3) Embrace the Change:

When we’re fearful, we often see things differently than they actually are.  Our body gives us messages for a reason, usually because it wants to protect us through change. Listen to your body, as if it were your best friend – it actually is.

So when those energy levels drop, don’t feel bad about taking an afternoon nap. 

Take some regular pamper time just for you! Dress up even if you’re not going out, then check out how great you still look in the mirror when you make the effort.

Watch your favourite comedy and laugh. Laughter releases serotonin (natural happy chemical) and will instantly make you feel better. 

Do all the things that make you feel good! 

Start your FREE transformation now!!!

Also please check out this great article I found with more great tips…


(I’d love to hear how you get on!)

Published by Karunaearthmedic

Welcome to KARUNA the Aladdin’s cave of great thoughts, tips and shared experience. KARUNA is a Sanskrit mantra meaning Compassion (KA RU NA) Julie Kelly is a practitioner & scholar of Tibetan Buddhism & also a Holistic Therapist. Following many years in India, Julie applies an East West approach to all her work, whether it’s with humans or animals. “All sentient beings need a little help at some time in their lives”, explains Julie. Kindness is always available and should always be shared. Julie is an approved member of the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) Following a huge ‘leap of faith’ in 2010, Julie left her 20+ yr job as a Mental Health social worker to travel India. There she ended up studying with some of the greatest meditators & highest Buddhist masters. That’s Julie’s story.... You can contact Julie @ Instagram @ tenzindaseljulie You Tube @ Mind Medicine Facebook @ Tibetan Buddhist Study & Debate Group.

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