Laugh Well & Live Well at 50+

When did you last have a real good Belly Laugh? One that sent tears rolling & gave you tummy ache?

Like most of us, I bet you cant even remember.

When we’re young, laughter comes naturally. But as we enter adult – hood, responsibility creeps in and we forget the joy.

A great way to remedy this, is through a system called ’Laughter Yoga’ an exercise involving prolonged voluntary laughter.
Don’t panic! Laughter Yoga isn’t strenuous. This type of yoga, is all about laughing for no other reason than to improve health.

When we laugh, the chemical serotonin is released into the blood stream. Serotonin is the body’s natural ’happy chemical’ with the same physiological and psychological benefits as the anti depressants our GPs prescribe.

The only difference, it has far fewer unpleasant side effects.

Laughter yoga is all about the breath or (prana) keeping the lungs healthy and the breath flowing is crucial as we advance with age.

For more information on Laughter Yoga click the link below

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