50+ & Unleashed

“Act Your Age” they say. You’re over 50 and still acting like a teenager!

Do you feel, like turning 50 made you invisible? Overnight, people suddenly seem to speak louder & more slowly because you’re ‘old’.

The wolf whistles definitely stopped when I turned 50 but thats ok – I don’t keep my wisdom in my ass.

Wisdom of Experience & Wisdom of ageing, both the most precious gift a person can share or receive.

But don’t be fooled! Hitting the big 50 doesn’t mean holding back – or (in the words of the hilariously brilliant ( Sir Billy Connolly) ‘Become Beigeist’

On the contrary!! Listen up our stick thin, fresh air sandwich & skinny latte brigade! We middle agers were once just like you. Before the fat rolls & creaky joints that is, and one hair started sprouting from the chin with a life of its own.


Published by Mind Medicine - Tea for the soul

Welcome to The Mind Garden, a place where we plant a seed & something beautiful grows. This blog is dedicated to the art of self-nurturing and expanding the mind through stories & shared experience. Enjoy the journey! You can contact Julie @ Earth.medic@yahoo.com Instagram @ tenzindaseljulie You Tube @ Mind Medicine Facebook @ Tibetan Buddhist Study & Debate Group.

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