Laugh Yourself Well at 50+ Julie Kelly

When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh? The ones that make tears roll down your cheeks, making you hold your tummy with pain?  Did you know – A right good belly laugh, not only decreases stress hormones & increases immune cells, it also triggers serotonin known as the body’s natural feelContinue reading “Laugh Yourself Well at 50+ Julie Kelly”

Calming Down With Calcite – Sleep Resolution in the Over 50s

Sleeplessness, irritability & feeling generally unable to relax are all issues affecting us at some point in life. As we age, our sleep patterns change but it doesn’t need to be a challenge. Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. This stone is known toContinue reading “Calming Down With Calcite – Sleep Resolution in the Over 50s”

It’s a Dog’s Life 7 times over- By Julie Kelly

Ageing can be far from fun thats for sure. But if you thought we had it tough – try seeing things from a canine perspective. These days, when I get home from work, it’s on with the PJ’s and a good chill out on the sofa. That’s my relaxation buzz. But just imagine, if eachContinue reading “It’s a Dog’s Life 7 times over- By Julie Kelly”

Penny For Your Thoughts! Julie Kelly

It’s 3am and there you are – wide awake staring at the ceiling, pondering life’s dilemmas. What are you thinking? For me, its how I don’t want the silence of the dawn to end. The birds haven’t woken yet so I give myself permission to think in silence. Soon the day will erupt into anContinue reading “Penny For Your Thoughts! Julie Kelly”

On The Rhodochrosite to Self Esteem & Confidence

Rhodochrosite is all about selfless love, compassion and positive attitude- something we all need as we get older This amazing little stone, is mostly known for reminding us of the things we love. Furthermore, its energy field creates a more upbeat and confident feeling, helping us meet life’s challenges.  Rhodochrosite releases feelings of loneliness &Continue reading “On The Rhodochrosite to Self Esteem & Confidence”

Mookaite Revolution in the over 50s

Loneliness strikes at all ages, but as we get older, many of us tend to notice it more. Children have fled the nest to get on with life, and we still feel 22 but the body passionately disagrees. In these situations, as most of my readers will know – it’s easy to lose our mojoContinue reading “Mookaite Revolution in the over 50s”

Menopausal Mayhem & The Sunshine Crystal

I know….It sounds like an 80s rock band, but this is serious ladies!! The menopause is no laughing matter. At leat not until you discover the wonderful benefits of Citrine. Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz, and its name comes from the Old French word for lemon. Its warm colour is said to be aContinue reading “Menopausal Mayhem & The Sunshine Crystal”

Joint Pain in the Over 50s – It’s Crystal Clear.

Creaky hips, squeaky knees, stiff back – ringing any bells yet? Obsidian could be the answer. It’s hard to understand, how what looks like a small piece of stone and be so effective in problems such as arthritis and rheumatic problems. Obsidian comes in many shapes and forms. from the wands shown below, to obsidianContinue reading “Joint Pain in the Over 50s – It’s Crystal Clear.”

Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety in the over 50s

I used to think it was just me who struggles with insomnia until I started mentioning it to some of my work colleagues. Turning 50 is a kind of milestone. Whether we like it or not, we’re actually half a century old – quite a revelation don’t you think? But, if you’re struggling with anxiety,Continue reading “Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety in the over 50s”