Milking a Painted Cow

In Tibetan Buddhism it is accepted, all things are empty of inherent self. This means they do not exist in the way we perceive. Let’s take the story of Chandrakirti a 5th C Mahayana Monk. Chandrakirti was also the main abbot of Nalanda University. Everyone thought him lazy, and unsuitable for this position.  He neverContinue reading “Milking a Painted Cow”

Let’s Talk About Menopause

Welcome to my podcast on the menopause. Something we all go through as women, but a topic that still remains shrouded in mystery & stigma. A term first used by Dr. Bouchard in 1821 to describe the natural cessation of menstruation. The word “menopause” actually comes from 2 Greek words: “meno,” meaning “month,” and “pause,”Continue reading “Let’s Talk About Menopause”

Nell Racker: Pioneer of Our Time

Some say she was smelly, unkempt, cantankerous & looked like a witch. Believe it or not, this amazing practitioner & healer was a pioneer of her time. Known as the local bone setter & midwife, Nell Racker was famous for miles around. But who actually was Nell Racker? Well, she was born in 1846 inContinue reading “Nell Racker: Pioneer of Our Time”

Growin up in’t North: The Shops

Growing up in’t North is a podcast exploring the uniqueness of growing up in a working class  town in the North of England during the 1960s. Hosted by Julie Kelly the podcast is guaranteed to bring a few laughs alongside some of your own memories flooding back. Growing up in’t North comes in a series ofContinue reading “Growin up in’t North: The Shops”

The Rochdale Pioneers – Movers & Shakers of the 19th C.

We all like to procrastinate & envisage what a true democracy would look like. But how many of us would go beyond this? How many of us dare to step out and challenge the inequalities & injustice in our communities? The Rochdale Pioneers did just that. Just a group of 28 weavers & artisans cameContinue reading “The Rochdale Pioneers – Movers & Shakers of the 19th C.”

Belonging: Is it necessary? Or simply a state of mind?

We all feel the need to be a part of something. A group or community maybe, or even a tribe. This podcast will look closely at the issue of Belonging. What it means for us as individuals, and whether we can survive without it. PLEASE LIKE SHARE & SUBSCRIBE To my channel @Apple Podcasts

The Saturday Podcasts: Am I a Stress Magnet?

Stress is a natural response to challenging situations, but when it becomes chronic, it can have devastating effects on our health. Could you be suffering the impact of stress?  In this series of podcasts we’ll be exploring the many aspects of stress, beginning with its causes & effects PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR EPISODEContinue reading “The Saturday Podcasts: Am I a Stress Magnet?”