Laugh Yourself Well at 50+ Julie Kelly

When was the last time you had a really good belly laugh? The ones that make tears roll down your cheeks, making you hold your tummy with pain?  Did you know – A right good belly laugh, not only decreases stress hormones & increases immune cells, it also triggers serotonin known as the body’s natural feelContinue reading “Laugh Yourself Well at 50+ Julie Kelly”

It’s a Dog’s Life 7 times over- By Julie Kelly

Ageing can be far from fun thats for sure. But if you thought we had it tough – try seeing things from a canine perspective. These days, when I get home from work, it’s on with the PJ’s and a good chill out on the sofa. That’s my relaxation buzz. But just imagine, if eachContinue reading “It’s a Dog’s Life 7 times over- By Julie Kelly”

Penny For Your Thoughts! Julie Kelly

It’s 3am and there you are – wide awake staring at the ceiling, pondering life’s dilemmas. What are you thinking? For me, its how I don’t want the silence of the dawn to end. The birds haven’t woken yet so I give myself permission to think in silence. Soon the day will erupt into anContinue reading “Penny For Your Thoughts! Julie Kelly”

Ageing – What the Buddhists say

Do you fear old age? Those aches & pains that often come with getting older? As we get older, most of us experience physiological & emotional change – and it can be frightening.  We cling desperately to youth, as it falls like sand through our fingers.  According to Tibetan Buddhism, from the moment of birth, weContinue reading “Ageing – What the Buddhists say”

Animals & What We Don’t Hear

We all have those moments when we know our pets aren’t well. They look so sad but we just can’t put our finger on what’s wrong. Animals can’t speak our language but as an animal communicator and holistic healer, I’m able to tune in to your animal’s unique energy frequency to find out what’s ailingContinue reading “Animals & What We Don’t Hear”

Laugh Well & Live Well at 50+

When did you last have a real good Belly Laugh? One that sent tears rolling & gave you tummy ache? Like most of us, I bet you cant even remember. When we’re young, laughter comes naturally. But as we enter adult – hood, responsibility creeps in and we forget the joy. A great way toContinue reading “Laugh Well & Live Well at 50+”

Quiet! Im Trying to Meditate. By Julie Kelly

So – you finally decided to give meditation a serious try. You’ve found a find a quiet space where you wont be disturbed & you’ve got yourself comfy but then the problems begin…. Suddenly, out of nowhere the most bizarre thoughts begin to distract you. For example, What to cook for tea, why the worldContinue reading “Quiet! Im Trying to Meditate. By Julie Kelly”

Reduce Stress in 10 mins

Whilst there are many physically fit 50+ Year olds, turning 50 does bring its own trials and tribulations. We may notice physical changes and our mental health can really suffer in terms of anxiety and increased stress levels. Don’t panic! Help is just around the corner. Did you know, you can reduce stress, and improveContinue reading “Reduce Stress in 10 mins”

Happy Iranian New Year! Saleh Now Mubarrakh!

Am I the luckiest woman alive? I have Christmas, Nowroz, Tibetan New Year & the Buddha Day. Life feels like one big party. Today in Iran is the year 1401 This being said, Iranian New Year is symbolic for many other reasons. It represents the beginning of Spring. Hence the Hafseen & all the greensContinue reading “Happy Iranian New Year! Saleh Now Mubarrakh!”