Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage Healing

Spirituality plays a key part of everything I do, in my work & private live. Usually when I’m undertaking a massage healing session, energies are channelled which in turn help to guide and assist in the healing that I provide. The gift of healing is a peculiar and complex thing. It’s difficult to explain howContinue reading “Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage Healing”

The Spirituality of Ayurvedic Massage By Julie Kelly

Ayurvedic massage is a form of massage reaching all the internal organs and tissues. Whilst very soothing and comforting, it also allows the detoxifying process to take place to a far greater degree than most of us recognize.  Understanding how this works will help you to benefit wholeheartedly from your massage. Ayurvedic Oil Massage De-toxificationContinue reading “The Spirituality of Ayurvedic Massage By Julie Kelly”

Laugh Yourself to Better Health

Laughter is a fantastic way of keeping fit and healthy and Laughter Yoga is amazing fun. Laughter as an art form all started in a park in Mumbai in 1995 with just 5 participants, and now there are over 10,000 laughter clubs in 73 different countries. Laughter Yoga is based on the principal that yourContinue reading “Laugh Yourself to Better Health”

Kansa Wand Healing

HAVE YOU TRIED KANSA WAND HEALING YET? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? For centuries, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and unique tools have been used together to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being & longevity and relieve stress. Today in 2017,  Kansa therapy is being used for a whole range of health conditions. When youContinue reading “Kansa Wand Healing”

Ayurveda & Weight Loss

The Ayurvedic term ‘Prajnaparadha’ means “crimes against wisdom.” Digestion is what the body depends on and is a fundamental aspect of a healthy body. The circle of life entails we are either digested or we digest. From trauma to food, emotions to ideas, experiences across many spheres, we digest them all. Ladies! looking for aContinue reading “Ayurveda & Weight Loss”