One thing I am really passionate about as a massage healer, is the quality of my oils. There’s nothing worse than preparing your oils ready for a treatment, only to find the strength & aroma aren’t right. I’ve been blessed over the years, to visit India regularly & buy my oils from Rishikesh where theContinue reading “ARE YOU CUTTING CORNERS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS? READ MY REVIEW!”

Dining With a Lama

It isn’t often we get the pleasure of dining with a Tibetan Buddhist Monk. It’s even rarer when the person in question is Geshe Lama Abhay Tulku Rinpoche, reincarnation of Lobsang Tenzin & 3rd in line to H H The Dalai Lama.  That’s exactly what’s happening on March 29th 2018. For the second time Rinpoche willContinue reading “Dining With a Lama”

You Don’t Get Much For Free These Days – So Snap it Up!

Hi all the March 1st edition of Ahimsa is now finished and ready to go! Please let me know if you’d like a FREE PDF copy and I’ll pop you on the list.  Also if you’d like to advertise in the April edition just let me know. Remember it’s FREE! You don’t get much forContinue reading “You Don’t Get Much For Free These Days – So Snap it Up!”


Many people question why we use mantras and what’s their purpose? Mostly we use mantra for two reasons. The first is to give devotion  to our gurus and the 2nd to ask for help and support in our everyday lives. Mantras have great spiritual benefits and when we chant them they can help transform theContinue reading “THE POWER OF MANTRA”

‘AHIMSA’ The Voice of Spirituality

  The FREE monthly magazine where Healers & Lightworkers Connect with those in need of a ‘different & more spiritual  intervention’. Advertising in Ahimsa is absolutely free. If you’ve got workshops coming up, events or even if you’d like to advertise your own business, Ahimsa is the place to do it.  Simply get in touchContinue reading “‘AHIMSA’ The Voice of Spirituality”


 Meditation works in exactly the same way as Antidepressant Medication but without the adverse side effects and brain fog. In fact, meditation brings about clarity of the mind – a freshness you may not have felt in a long time. According to HSE (Health & Safety Executive) 526,000 workers in the UK are suffering from work-relatedContinue reading “MEDITATION – THE ANTI- DEPRESSANT WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS”