Mookaite Revolution in the over 50s

Loneliness strikes at all ages, but as we get older, many of us tend to notice it more.

Children have fled the nest to get on with life, and we still feel 22 but the body passionately disagrees. In these situations, as most of my readers will know – it’s easy to lose our mojo so what’s to be done?

Mookaite is a pretty good solution I’ve found. It’s a great companion if you’re prone to feelings of loneliness or melancholy.
Mookaite helps bring about emotional balance whilst instilling feelings of hope, joy, and excitement.
Its grounding, shielding, and nurturing energies will keep us strong and stable, protect us from negative energies, and provide the emotional energy-care we need.

Carrying a piece of Mookaite, or simply having it on the table next to you, will help sustain you through difficult times, bringing feelings of peace and comfort.

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Menopausal Mayhem & The Sunshine Crystal

I know….It sounds like an 80s rock band, but this is serious ladies!!

The menopause is no laughing matter. At leat not until you discover the wonderful benefits of Citrine.

Citrine is the yellow variety of quartz, and its name comes from the Old French word for lemon. Its warm colour is said to be a gift from the sun, making this golden gemstone the perfect option for brightening up not only a typically chilly autumnal month, but also lifting and eradicating low mood, poor circulation & hormonal problems. Citrine has been a popular decorative gemstone since ancient times, but its healing properties have often been overshadowed by its beauty.

Check out the numerous healing benefits of Citrine!

Joint Pain in the Over 50s – It’s Crystal Clear.

Creaky hips, squeaky knees, stiff back – ringing any bells yet? Obsidian could be the answer.

It’s hard to understand, how what looks like a small piece of stone and be so effective in problems such as arthritis and rheumatic problems.
Obsidian comes in many shapes and forms. from the wands shown below, to obsidian bracelets and pocket stones.

Obsidian is a strongly protective stone which forms a shield against negativity. This is why when you wear or carry it on your person, obsidian blocks negative energy. Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension, stimulating growth on all levels but most of all it replenishes and rebuilds strength where there’s weakness in the body. This includes bone strength pain reduction, joint problems and cramps. 

Next time…, Lets look at Menopause
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Best Healing Crystals for Anxiety in the over 50s

I used to think it was just me who struggles with insomnia until I started mentioning it to some of my work colleagues.

Turning 50 is a kind of milestone. Whether we like it or not, we’re actually half a century old – quite a revelation don’t you think?

But, if you’re struggling with anxiety, you’re not alone. Globally, 1 in 13 people also struggle, according to a University of Queensland study.

It seems over recent years, more and more people are looking into alternate methods to alleviate anxiety.

From personal experience, I have found crystal healing to be a valuable part of this. Using grounding stones like Amethyst can help usher calm and balance into your life.

There are many different kinds of crystals, for many different ailments and conditions. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Amethyst however, is the perfect crystal for balancing and reducing anxiety especially in the over 50s

Ageing – What the Buddhists say

Do you fear old age? Those aches & pains that often come with getting older?

As we get older, most of us experience physiological & emotional change – and it can be frightening.  We cling desperately to youth, as it falls like sand through our fingers. 

According to Tibetan Buddhism, from the moment of birth, we are preparing for death. Our bodies change second by millisecond from newborn to toddler, from toddler to infant and so on. 

Ageing is inevitable and cannot be stopped at any cost.  So why do we cause ourselves so much anguish? Why do we not embrace these changes instead of constantly fighting against them?

One reason, we are so fixated now on materialism and image. Botox & plastic surgery, veneers & teeth whiteners, even serums with the promise of eternal youth.

In the West ( but not exclusively) we spend millions of looking good, forgetting that none of it is permanent

As our gums recede with age the veneers will loosen. The botox will wear off and skin will inevitably start to sag, even in areas the plastic surgeon worked their magic.

You see, even though we no longer carry the wrecklessness of youth, our increasingly fragile minds & bodies are sacred, and worthy of the greatest kindness.

To respect our aging at every stage, is the greatest kindness we can offer ourselves & those we love.

With age comes great wisdom which must not be wasted because it paves the way for future generations.


Laugh Well & Live Well at 50+

When did you last have a real good Belly Laugh? One that sent tears rolling & gave you tummy ache?

Like most of us, I bet you cant even remember.

When we’re young, laughter comes naturally. But as we enter adult – hood, responsibility creeps in and we forget the joy.

A great way to remedy this, is through a system called ’Laughter Yoga’ an exercise involving prolonged voluntary laughter.
Don’t panic! Laughter Yoga isn’t strenuous. This type of yoga, is all about laughing for no other reason than to improve health.

When we laugh, the chemical serotonin is released into the blood stream. Serotonin is the body’s natural ’happy chemical’ with the same physiological and psychological benefits as the anti depressants our GPs prescribe.

The only difference, it has far fewer unpleasant side effects.

Laughter yoga is all about the breath or (prana) keeping the lungs healthy and the breath flowing is crucial as we advance with age.

For more information on Laughter Yoga click the link below

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Healthcare = Self Care: 3 Life-Changing Tips for hitting 50.

As we get older, the most bizarre things start happening. Energy levels drop, hair grows in places we never knew existed and we start piling on the weight.

If this sounds like you – you’re not alone!

Julie is a spiritual teacher & holistic healthcare practitioner, but as she explains:- 

“When I turned 50, everything made me anxious. Sagging skin, middle aged spread, losing my looks, energy & flexibility etc. All these things sent abject terror right through me. It came in overwhelming waves – sometimes out of nowhere” It’s strange how we never think it will happen to us. We’re meant to be the caregiver – not the cared for right? So what can we do about it?

Here I’m sharing my Top 3 tried & tested Tips for 50+ self care survival. 

(1) Take Back Control: 

Most of us get anxious because we fear a future that hasn’t even happened yet. But why waste the beautiful opportunity of now? 

Quiet! Im Trying to Meditate. By Julie Kelly

So – you finally decided to give meditation a serious try. You’ve found a find a quiet space where you wont be disturbed & you’ve got yourself comfy but then the problems begin….

Suddenly, out of nowhere the most bizarre thoughts begin to distract you. For example, What to cook for tea, why the world is round, why it suddenly started snowing in the middle of spring etc. Things that up until now, you hadn’t really given much thought.

Does this sound like you? Well take a deep breath – you’re doing it right.

Throughout the years, we become great teachers of trying to train the mind to focus on 100 things at one time.

Reduce Stress in 10 mins

Whilst there are many physically fit 50+ Year olds, turning 50 does bring its own trials and tribulations.

We may notice physical changes and our mental health can really suffer in terms of anxiety and increased stress levels. Don’t panic! Help is just around the corner. Did you know, you can reduce stress, and improve many aspects of your health in just 10 minutes?

Here’s What To Do

Find yourself a comfortable space, where you’re not likely to be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Sit quietly with your back straight or supported. Close the mouth and eyes, bringing your awareness to the breath as it enters the nostrils and leaves.
Pay attention to air temperature as you inhale and how it changes as you exhale. Also, become aware of any sound the breath makes as you inhale and exhale.

10 minutes it is actually not a long time, but you’d be amazed at how the mind can wander when you’re trying to keep it focused. If this happens simply bring your attention back to the breath.

Daily 10 minute practice on observing the breath has been evidenced to greatly reduce stress levels & allow better lung function. Some people say it has helped with conditions such as COPD. Here are a few more tips on breath-work.

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