Traditional Indian Ayurvedic Massage Healing


Spirituality plays a key part of everything I do, in my work & private live. Usually when I’m undertaking a massage healing session, energies are channelled which in turn help to guide and assist in the healing that I provide.
The gift of healing is a peculiar and complex thing. It’s difficult to explain how it works or how I am able to provide this. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty, is that those who come to visit me find it makes a difference.
My work is deeply influenced by Hindu and Indian philosophy, and Ayurvedic massage still remains India’s oldest traditional form of healthcare.
Ayurveda is unique, because unlike western medicine it works with the body as a

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The Spirituality of Ayurvedic Massage By Julie Kelly

Ayurvedic massage is a form of massage reaching all the internal organs and tissues. Whilst very soothing and comforting, it also allows the detoxifying process to take place to a far greater degree than most of us recognize.  Understanding how this works will help you to benefit wholeheartedly from your massage.


Ayurvedic Oil Massage
De-toxification or purification is about removing toxins and those matters that obstruct the proper and effective functioning of not only the physical organs and tissues but also of the mind/emotions.  Often we suffer due to the inability to understand or accept the mental/emotional state we are put in or put ourselves in. Words uttered by close ones can stay with us causing confusion, becoming unforgiving and painful which then leads to hatred. It’s often the same with a medical diagnosis we don’t understand.  Even though we feel stuck in such situations, angry at the position it’s placed us in – there’s lots we can do but the impact of uncertainty and despair often leads to major imbalances of the mind/emotions. We think we are living a ‘good life’ but, with such subtle issues unrecognized or unwilling to recognize them, this will eventually cause some form of dis-ease to manifest. This dis-ease can be of any nature, depending on the Dosha and ‘Lifestyle’ of the individual.

You can see that toxins can be formed through the mind and emotions.  During the process of Ayurvedic massage, where the application of herbal and special oil is combined with continuous long strokes and heat, such stubborn toxins move from the subtle areas of the mind and emotions. Deep-seated mental/emotional pains and issues, left unattended or even forgotten, but still ‘there’ will ‘move’ with this kind of massage. When this happens, the patient-client will start to realize this process and will want to shed these negative feelings. Some may experience this in the form of crying or sadness or heaviness. When this passes one feels very relieved as if a burden has been lifted resulting in feeling lighter.  Mental/emotional issues can include a million matters and for each person one may be more important than the other.  Ayurvedic massage is called ‘Snehana’ meaning love and compassion. It allows one to experience the deep and natural feeling of love of One’s Self and respect for those around. When toxins begin to move in massage, the various feelings should be allowed to be experienced and not denied. If one denies such experiences, then one is not allowing the toxins to be removed.  In Ayurvedic massage, due to the purpose of the patient needing to experience the movement of such physical, mental and emotional toxins, talking is greatly discouraged. One is left to experience that which is taking place to its fullest and only then it becomes a de-toxifying therapy. This is one of the things that set it apart from other massage therapies (though in no other massage therapy is talking encouraged). Yes, the client-patient is of course encouraged to talk about any experiences with the physician/consultant for clarification on another day. It is, however, important the person rests immediately after massage.

The method of massage in Ayurveda is deep and with long flowing strokes. This continuous flow not only gets the oil deeper into the tissues but is also symbolic of the continuous process of detoxification and flow of knowledge of Ayurveda to you, thus allowing you to see your correct nature.

Ayurvedic massage is not only holistic in nature but it is also a ‘Holy’ process where you, in the form of the body, and mind/emotions are recognized and respected as the very TRUTH.

Let’s Blog About It!

It’s always great when we hear about something new happening in our community. It gives me a real buzz to hear that somebody stepped outside the box  and used their skills for the greater good. Don’t you just love hearing about things like this?  Well most of us do, but would you believe that not too long ago somebody created a newspaper  telling only good news and do you know what happened? Nobody bought it. This is why I decided to put this blog out there. So let me start by telling you what I’m doing, then I’d love to hear your stories and comments.   So at the moment, I run my own practice here in Rochdale Greater Manchester with women who are going through different health problems. I spent a long period of time in India studying traditional Indian healthcare (Ayurveda) and so this is the method I use.  You can find my details below about my work but now it’s your turn, why not post your stories and what you’re doing in the world to make life easier and brighter.  Can’t wait to hear from you!






Laugh Yourself to Better Health


Laughter is a fantastic way of keeping fit and healthy and Laughter Yoga is amazing fun. Laughter as an art form all started in a park in Mumbai in 1995 with just 5 participants, and now there are over 10,000 laughter clubs in 73 different countries. Laughter Yoga is based on the principal that your body doesn’t know the difference between fake and genuine laughter.   As long as you are willing to laugh you will get the same psychological and physiological benefits of laughter. It is a combination of  deep yogic breathing and playful laughter exercises. It’s often practiced in groups where we make  eye contact and connect with our sense of child like playfulness. In 2015, Laughter Yoga celebrated 20 years and thousands have benefited from this practice. But even if you don’t want to think about Laughter Yoga, it’s clearly evidenced that a good belly laugh every day has a massive impact on Physical, Mental & Spiritual Well-being but what are these benefits?

  • Lowers Bloodpressure
  • Regulates Heart Rate
  • Reduces Stress Levels Immediately
  • Helps relieve the pain of Arthritic Bones
  • Improves Breathing & the Respiratory System
  • Helps bring about motivation

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Kansa Wand Healing

For centuries, ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and unique tools have been used together to enhance health and strength, increase energy, support general well-being & longevity and relieve stress. Today in 2017,  Kansa therapy is being used for a whole range of health conditions. When you experience this ancient Ayurvedic Secret, you also allow yourself the opportunity to get instant beauty enhancement and breathe new life into your skin to look younger, more alive and vibrant.
* Undergo a one-of-a-kind experience of healing, deep relaxation, complete rejuvenation and revitalization with revived energy – all at the same time
* Combat the effects of skin pollution, stress and internal imbalances through an enjoyable way of releasing heat, acidity and toxins through your skin
* No chemicals, electronic gadgets or any kind of unnatural or harmful radiations used
* Instant results: tightening effect, beautifully glowing skin, spontaneous relaxation and rejuvenation. But what exactly is the ‘secret’?  Well the Kansa wand is made of bronze – well known in India for its energy healing properties.  As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and alongside the hum drum of everyday life, we also start to feel less youthful.  Many of the ladies who’ve been to me for Kansa healing, have said they have noticed a real tightening if the skin and also a reduction in stress levels.

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Ayurveda & Weight Loss


The Ayurvedic term ‘Prajnaparadha’ means “crimes against wisdom.” Digestion is what the body depends on and is a fundamental aspect of a healthy body. The circle of life entails we are either digested or we digest. From trauma to food, emotions to ideas, experiences across many spheres, we digest them all.
Ladies! looking for a natural alternative to help you lose weight? Ayurvedic massage (one element of Ayurvedic medicine) may be the solution! ‘Ayurveda’ means “the science of life, and it originated in India. Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medicine in the world. Though used as the primary medical system in some parts of the world, Ayurveda is categorized as “complementary and alternative medicine” in the UK/United States and is not a substitute for conventional medicine.
Some Facts…..
According to the 2007 National Health

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