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When a Monk Came to Tea

A small street in the North of England, isn’t really where you’d expect to find a Tibetan Buddhist monk. This week however, my good friend Geshe Lama Ahbay Tulku Rinpoche stopped by to deliver Medicine Buddha blessings & healing prayers. The meditation room came alive with the sound of Throat Chanting, bells, drums & TibetanContinue reading “When a Monk Came to Tea”

Barking Up the Wrong Tree – When our Animals Are Sick – Julie Kelly

Is Your Animal Lacking energy? Looking unwell or Simply not Their Usual Self?  Our animals are sensitive souls. From the moment they meet us, they know us – just by the energy we give out.  They don’t need any other information.  For animals, their only interaction is energy. Animals live & work with energy it’s allContinue reading “Barking Up the Wrong Tree – When our Animals Are Sick – Julie Kelly”

The Tales We Tell – Growin Up in’t North – Julie Kelly

Green Shield Stamps, Woodbines, Spangles, Nits, Jam Butties & Derbac combs. All memories of growin up in’t North. But what memories do you have of childhood in the working class backstreet towns of Manchester? Lets take a trip down memory lane & keep our heritage alive. Please post your memories here!!!

50+ & Unleashed

“Act Your Age” they say. You’re over 50 and still acting like a teenager! Do you feel, like turning 50 made you invisible? Overnight, people suddenly seem to speak louder & more slowly because you’re ‘old’. The wolf whistles definitely stopped when I turned 50 but thats ok – I don’t keep my wisdom inContinue reading “50+ & Unleashed”

Calming Down With Calcite – Sleep Resolution in the Over 50s

Sleeplessness, irritability & feeling generally unable to relax are all issues affecting us at some point in life. As we age, our sleep patterns change but it doesn’t need to be a challenge. Blue Calcite is a very powerful stone when it comes to soothing and relaxing the emotional body. This stone is known toContinue reading “Calming Down With Calcite – Sleep Resolution in the Over 50s”

On The Rhodochrosite to Self Esteem & Confidence

Rhodochrosite is all about selfless love, compassion and positive attitude- something we all need as we get older This amazing little stone, is mostly known for reminding us of the things we love. Furthermore, its energy field creates a more upbeat and confident feeling, helping us meet life’s challenges.  Rhodochrosite releases feelings of loneliness &Continue reading “On The Rhodochrosite to Self Esteem & Confidence”

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