Laugh Yourself Well at 50+ Julie Kelly

I know It sounds ‘bonkers,’ but our body really can’t tell the difference between fake and real laughter. So, even even you’re a ‘misery guts’ & can’t find much to laugh about – faking it will still improve your health.

Laughter yoga, is all about reconnecting with our inner child – being silly and letting go!  It’s really all about getting back some of the joy we often lose as we age. But there’s a lot more to benefit from in the over 50s by having a good laugh. You see, regular laughter is also evidenced to sharpen the mind, bringing more clarity & focus.

Laughter yoga is usually done in groups, but here are a few laughter exercises you can do alone if you prefer..

Why not give them a try?

1 – Stand in front of a mirror and pull faces. Stick out your tongue & have a right good laugh.

2- Turn off dreary soaps, and put on your favourite comedy.

3- Practice singing your favourite song – but change the words to Ho Ha Ha – in no time you’ll be laughing.

Or you can simply look for your nearest laughter yoga group.

Happy laughing!



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